Code Camp 2017 August-Tadi


This is the maiden edition of Code Camp and it’s taking place in Takoradi at TTU (T-Poly) from 7th – 13 August. It will also be available online for those who cannot be on the site.┬áThis edition is designed especially for those with little or no programming experience; and is going for GHS 150 for one course and GHS 250 for two courses.

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What to Expect

At the end of the programme, the student will form a team with other students to create a web application project of their choice.



The following courses are available for registration

  1. Front-end Design
  2. Front-end Programming
  3. Backend Programming/Development
  4. MySQL Database Administration


Front-end Design

In this course, the student will learn how to design and create the front-end (visual aspect) of a website using the following web technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (Basic)
  • Document Object Method (DOM)
  • jQuery (Basic)
  • Bootstrap
  • Smarty Template Engine
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Project collaboration (git)


Front-end Programming

In web development, the front end basically is everything that happens inside the browser. Web application behavior in the browser is programmed using JavaScript; and that’s what this course teaches. The student can expect to learn the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS (Basic)
  • JavaScript (Extensive)
  • Document Object Method (DOM)
  • jQuery
  • Project collaboration (git)


Back-end Programming

Just as front end is concerned with what happens in the browser, back-end development is concerned with everything that happens to generate the information that is sent to the browser. This includes things such as user login & authentication, credit card processing, and so forth. In this course, the student will learn back-end programming with PHP, and will learn the following:

  • HTML
  • PHP & more PHP
  • Web Application Architecture
  • PDO with MySQL
  • Smarty Template Engine
  • Project collaboration (git)


Database Administration

Website information is often stored in databases for easy access and modification. In this course the student will learn how to create, manage and optimise databases, as well as perform various queries against a MySQL database. The student should expect to learn the following

  • Database theory
  • Creation of databases and tables
  • Table design and optimisation
  • User access and management
  • Querying Data
  • Project collaboration (git)



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